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When your business needs access to immediate cash flow on a short-term basis, we can help find a lender to help with interim financing solutions.  Bridge Loans and Hard Money loans have a faster approval and funding process than traditional loans to help your company keep moving forward without waiting for long-term financing.


What is a Bridge Loan?

Bridge Loans are often referred to as gap loans because they bridge the financial gap until you can secure long-term financing.  While these loans have higher interest rates, they can make cash available to you quickly.  For businesses waiting on equity financing or other anticipated revenue streams, Bridge Loans can help you meet payroll and cover other operating expenses.  Bridge Loans are often used in real estate to purchase property until a current property sells.

What is a Hard Money Loan?

Hard money loans are secured on the value of your real estate and can be used for any legitimate business expense.  Lenders typically look at your asset inventory instead of your credit rating during the approval process, making this a good option for businesses with challenged credit.

Bridge Loans and Hard Money Loans Can …

>> Provide you with quick cash flow until long-term financing is available

>> Get cash in hand to the borrower within 24 hours

>> Usually allow borrowers to pay back the loan quickly to avoid higher interest rates without repayment penalties


Broad Network

Through our many years of experience, we are connected to a broad network of private lenders work locally and nationally.  This allows us to source the best loan option for you with the most competitive interest rates.

Fast Cash

Private lenders offer Bridge or Hard Money Loans,  so borrowers aren’t under the same restrictive requirements as traditional banks.  This allows us to  get your loan approved and cash in hand in a day.