Who is Gordon James?

In News by Keith Dillihunt

Gordon James Financial Solutions is managed by Keith L. Dillihunt, a former commercial lender with over fifteen years of lending experience.  The company is named after my two grandfathers, Gordon S Carter and James H Dillihunt.  Our logo is based on their two personalities.  One lion is roaring and the other is a quiet and patient lion, two personalities they tried to pass on to their grandson.  I’m still working on the quiet and patient part.

Keith L Dillihunt began his career in banking as a credit analyst, studying under commercial lenders in the Memphis market where it was his responsibility to underwrite and analyze potential loans for the largest bank in the Memphis.  Eventually, Keith was given his own portfolio and told to go out and make good loans.

We all begin selling to our friends first.  It was there that he had one of his most memorable regrets.  A middle school friend had just completed dental school and had an opportunity to buy an established dental practice, however, he was saddled with student loans, bruised personal credit and no business experience.   The loan had to be declined per bank guidelines.

Bank guidelines required high hurdles be climbed for start up businesses,  they must stay within the bank’s preferred industries and personal credit standards were followed at all times.  Very rarely would banks approve a line of credit to a business based strictly on accounts receivables.  We had very few options for deals we believed in.

After several years lending in the Memphis market, Keith rose to the ranks of a Senior Vice President and manager of the Business Banking department.  Even with additional lending authority and influence, he was still hampered when trying to help a business that was “growing too fast” for the bank.

Factoring was the solution, but we bankers were never told about it.  Those that knew about it looked down their noses on factoring.

Keith eventually left banking to work with government financing and tax abatement programs when approached by a factoring company to become their sales manager.  It was there he saw he was missing the final piece in providing true financial help to his clients.

So in 2016, Keith formed Gordon James Financial Solutions to help all of those small businesses that a bank won’t take the time to figure out how to make the deal work.

At Gordon James, we take the time to find out everything about the client and then offer viable solutions.  Sometimes it’s factoring…sometimes it’s something else.  Give us a call and let’s talk about it.