How does factoring work in manufacturing?

In News by Keith Dillihunt

The manufacturing industry is not for the faint of heart nor the under capitalized.   You may have perfected your process and procedures.  You may have created the perfect product and you have clients that are buying the fruits of your labor.

The problem is you still have to buy inventory, sell, pay employees, send invoices and run your shop.  So, you run to your local bank, but they think your business is “too new” to qualify for a bank loan or they loan they provide isn’t sufficient to truly help.

You’ve tapped out all of your available resources.  You don’t want to call your family to loan you any more money.  An SBA loan isn’t an option because your personal credit isn’t the greatest.

Factoring can help.

Factoring allows you to use your company’s greatest assets, your accounts receivable.   At Gordon James Financial Solutions, we are buying these receivables at a discount in order to give you access to those funds today.

We work with financial partners that can advance up to 95% of your invoices within 24 hours of receipt.  Stop waiting to get paid.

This is your money.  You grew this business, now go conquer the world!